Keil MDK legacy support - 이전 칩 드라이버 제공

Keil MDK (아마도 5.0 이상)를 최신버전으로 깐 뒤, 

이전 칩들에 대한 기본 코드가 필요하면 아래 링크로 가서 파일을 다운로드 한 후, 설치하시길~~

Looks like you'll also need to install if you have mdk501.exe (and maybe greater)

MDK Version 5 - Legacy Support

MDK Version 5 uses Software Packs to support a microcontroller device and to use middleware. To maintain backward compatibility with MDK Version 4 you may install Legacy Support. This might be necessary for two reasons:

  • To maintain projects created with MDK Version 4 without migrating to Software Packs.
  • To use devices that are not yet supported by a Device Family Pack.