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장고 ORM - 최근 90일 데이터 읽어오기, NULL, Empty 체크

최근 며칠 데이터 가져오기 요거 많이 쓸 듯


아래 사이트에서 가져옴


Now, by using filter(), we can retrieve a QuerySet of just those books that were published within the last 90 days period, like so:
>>> from datetime import datetime, timedelta
>>> Book.objects.filter( - timedelta(days=90)).count()


그리고, NULL 체크하는 방법은 isnull 사용하는 것


Here we can use isnull to find all Books where the author field is NULL:

>>> Book.objects.filter(author__isnull=True).count()


Empty 체크는 exact

we can approximate that functionality with the exact field lookup instead:

>>> Book.objects.filter(title__exact='').count()


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